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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Where are you going my little one....

Well, it's official.  My youngest son moved to North Carolina yesterday.  It was not a pretty scene and I have not seen an improvement yet.  They left and I looked at my daughter and said "and then there were two".  I was expecting to be okay after saying goodbye.  I was convinced the goodbye part was the hard part.  I was an idiot.  As I type this tears are streaming down my face and I can't breathe.  I tried to keep busy yesterday.  I put the new headboard on my bed at the new house, started to assemble to TV stand.  Nothing is going well and everything seems to be a struggle at the new house.  From getting my gate bar code to work to nothing fitting or matching in the new space.  I figure I better take a step back before I taint that space with negative vibes.  So, we slept at the old house again last night.  Just my daughter and me and Zoey our very confused dog.  As I opened my eyes this morning I realized....I don't want to leave this house.  It's too final.  It's the final connection to what once was.  The four of us in one place.  I'm not ready.  We moved here with such hopes and dreams....the Fab Four and our two pups.  I'm leaving this home with my daughter and only one of the pups.  Two years have wreaked havoc with change in this family.  I know it's all for the best (minus poor Roxie).  My sons are men now.  Strong, capable, handsome, sensitive men.  They are moving on to the next phase of their lives and I'm so very very proud of them.  And I'm excited for them.  But I'm mourning the last phase of my life.  The phase that was the biggest part of my 53 years on this earth.  I talked to my oldest son for an hour or so last night and he was so very sweet.  Trying so hard to understand my emotions and be there for me.  While we were talking my younger son started a family group chat for the four of us so we can keep each other updated and stay connected.   I want them back.  I want them close to me again.  Not in the same house but at least in the same state.  No one prepared me for this phase of life.  I guess I was truly living in the moment and not thinking about what lies ahead.  My daughter said, in her wisdom, "well of course not mommy.  No one hands you a baby and says ok, but remember they're going to grow up and leave!"  I know this is all for the best.  I know my sons are strong and they are adaptable and they are brave enough to explore different places and experiences and I'm so very proud of them for that (and so many other things) but they aren't just my sons.....they're my very best friends.  They are my favorite people in the whole world.  How lucky am I?  But how very painful is this....I truly have never experienced a broken heart until now.   My spirit is broken at the moment.  My hope and faith and strength....all broken.  I want to shut out the world and have a "jammie" day, which is what we used to do when they were little.  But I can't.  Life has not only changed for them, it has for me as well.  I'm on my own and the only one who can get stuff done.  And there is a lot to get done because at the moment I have two houses that have basically crap all over the place.  Who is going to fix that?  Me.  I've done it so many times before but this time....this time is different.  I'm broken and tired and I want it all to go away.  I look around and think how the hell am I going to do this all by myself.  But I will, I always do.  My daughter is a HUGE help, but she's still young and a teenager who is on summer break and sleeps....A LOT  lol.  Plus I have a new job that needs to be my priority.  I am still getting used to it and I can't just stop my world anymore.  It's all good.  I know this in my heart and soul.  But right now?  At this moment?  I just am struggling to breathe.  But then I's just a day in the life.

Monday, June 18, 2018

When your heart belongs to two people at the same time

Can you love two men at the same time?  Truly love.  With all of your heart and soul? Unconditionally?

There are two men that have my heart.  One is tall and thin and has light hair and light eyes.   He's serious and quiet.  He's contemplative and still figuring himself out.  Our relationship has been bumpy and volatile at times.   My love for him has never wavered.  His love for me however has disappeared a few times.... buried under anger and blame.   It's always there deep down but sometimes I fear it will be lost forever.   We have these intense, life altering conversations that leave me a better person. I can share my internal work and spiritual thoughts with him and he shares lessons with me.   He has made me face a side of myself that isn't always easy but it's necessary.  I feel blessed that he is in my life and that I am one of the few people he allows into his world.  He had my heart first.   He captured it so abruptly and so completely I never thought I could love anyone else  that way ever again in my life.  I was wrong.

There's another man that also has my heart.  Just as strongly and completely.   My relationship with him is easier.   He's more muscular and he's got dark wavy hair and dark soft eyes.   He and I speak the same language.  He's charming and out going and I always know what he's thinking and feeling.  We lean on each other and have this connection no one else can understand. He's my biggest fan and I never have to doubt his love or his presence in my life.   He lets me know how much he needs and loves me always.   He has my back and never waivers in his devotion to me and allows my love and devotion to him exactly as it is.   He never asks me to be someone I'm not.   He shows me the best part of myself and I'm blessed and grateful every day that we have each other.

So how can I choose?  Torn between these incredible men?  It seems an impossible choice.... One that no one would ever be able to make.  And thankfully.....I don't have to.   I get to love them both.... have them both.... exactly as it is.  I don't have to limit anything or change my love for either.   How you ask?   Well it's simple..... they're my sons.... and I'm the luckiest woman alive to be their mom.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride....

I've had enough change.  I'm ready for some stability.  After deciding to stay in Florida and coming to terms with the fact that my creme filling son will be 10 hours away, an opportunity for him to stay here in Florida came up.  I truly had to ask God what in the world was He doing to us?  Why all the pain?  Why all the confusion and changes in direction?  It makes me doubt everything I thought I knew.  I truly don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, never mind the future that I thought was so clear.  I was free falling and grasping for some form of certainty.

I went with my son the other day to order the Tuxedos for his wedding. Even the list of who is getting fitted for tuxedos was uncertain.  I was really trying to hold it together and be strong....for him.  Because I know he's struggling with leaving his sister and me.  Between us, it's killing me too but I can't let him see that.  He needs to know I support him and I'm going to be okay.  But then he feels like he's the only one who is struggling and I don't want him thinking that.  So....I'm walking a tightrope.  I'm confident in my decision to stay in Florida.  I'm enjoying my new job and I'm excited about the new opportunities.  But the thought of packing up that truck and driving up to North Carolina makes me physically sick.  Like weak in the knees sick.  I know it's what is best for them...I think it's best for them.  I pray it's best for them.  But then this chance for promotion here comes up for him and I'm thinking WTF?  Maybe it's not!  So I try to stay out of it.  But there is the uncertainty again...are they staying are they going....I had just gotten my head and heart around them leaving.  They've decided today to definitely go and continue with their plan.  When my son comes to hug me now we hold on a little tighter and a little longer and we fight back the tears.  Last night he said to me "You can come!"  I said "You can stay!"  and he said that wasn't the deal and I surrender..."You're right" I said...".I'm sorry I broke the deal."  If I'm being honest, I know this is necessary.  But 10 hours?  Ok,'s ok.  But he's struggling and feeling lost and it's killing me.  Neither one of us saw this coming.  We never thought we'd live so far away from each other.  So many things we never thought would be at this time in life.  And hearing everyone say that we're too close and we need to cut the cord was pissing us off, honestly.  No one knows what we've been through together.  No one knows how we get each other.  And truth be told we HAVE cut the cord.  These last few months we  haven't shared all the details of our lives like we used to.  We were both preparing for this next phase.  Of course we thought the next phase was him moving out and getting married. But jeez, 10 hours?  Really?  Alright then.....we'll make it work.  I'm getting used to the people I love most not being part of my daily life. I'm not sure why I have to but it's what's been dealt.

Tomorrow my daughter graduates middle school.  I feel badly for her because it seems that everything big that happens in her life is overshadowed by some other situation.  I'm determined to make this her's just one more change and new normal to get used to.  And as I look forward to this unknown future and try to stay grounded in the present moment I remind myself it's just a day in the life.....

Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Mothers Day

Everyone tries to prepare you for the sleepless nights,  endless diaper changes,  the terrible twos and all that becoming a mother entails.   No one prepares you for the time when they grow up and you're no longer under the same roof.   You know why?  Because if they did... if you knew the heart wrenching agony you'd feel at that time?  The human race would cease to exist.   You wouldn't sign up for it. Or maybe it is just me. 

In my mind, all these years I thought of my kids and I as a unit.   As one entity.   Our family. I remember when my oldest was getting ready to leave for college it occurred to me that my role was changing from that of a key player to supporting role in his life.   I was ok with that.   What made me physically sick was the thought of not seeing him every day and him never living under the same roof again.   It used to wake me up out of a sound sleep and make me cry at the drop of a hat. What worried me was that I knew my oldest wasn't one to text often, let alone call, but I knew this had to happen.  He needed to go and be independent.   Fast forward two years and he was back living with me and my amnesia returned about the fact that we all wouldn't be living together forever returned.   Fast forward 3 years and the realization hit me again.   I would sob when I'd go into his room.   A thought of him could bring me to my knees.   But things were not rosy with him before he left and a new normal ensued.   Funny how life does that.

Well my creme filling son is getting married.   So I was preparing for him to move out.  This time is harder.   We are ridiculously close.  He and his sister are Buddies.  When he left for college nearly two years ago I cried in pain at the thought of not seeing his face every day.... But he is a communicator.   Facetime... calls... texts... every day.   It made it bearable.   But this time he's getting married,  To an amazing young woman I might add.  It's different.   So as you read in my last blog we were all moving to North Carolina this summer.   So we would be living in different houses but close enough to have weekly dinners.   They went up there... signed their lease and returned excited and happy.   I kept getting this feeling that I wasn't going with them.   It was weird, but I had gotten an offer from My boss for a new position but I had no intention of taking it.   Well.... he made me an offer I was really struggling to refuse.

My daughter was away on a school trip...a first for her being away from me.   My relationship with her is so different then that of my sons.  I did realize that we are all codependent on each other.   We are each other's best friends.  We live in this happy solitude of comfort in knowing we support and love each other and GET each other.   It's a happy place.   My son's future wife who I will refer to as my bonus daughter has slipped right into the pack and finds comfort there as well. 

So, I decided to take a solo trip up to NC on a whim before I made my decision.   I have never taken a trip alone before and I felt like it was a stepping stone to this new world of solitude I was being thrown into. I realized so much on that 10 hour car ride.  So much about myself,  my relationship with my children,  my future, each one of my kids individually,  my past,  what I wanted in life,  what I needed in life and what I couldn't avoid facing anymore. My entire life has been dedicated to being a mom.   That was my chosen career.   But no one warned me about the phase out period when your job becomes obsolete.  You never truly retire but you become someone called in for special projects from time to time. And if you've done your job well and if you're really really lucky you get to sit back and watch the company that you've built flourish and thrive and know that you were there at the foundation of it.  Hell you ARE the foundation of

I've decided to remain in I not only won't be living in the same home I'll be 10 hours away by car from my creme filling son.   My oldest is in California at the moment but he's thinking about returning to Arizona.  I had a conversation with him yesterday about how devastated I am that The Fab Four is no longer. And he said it's okay woman we can have Fab Four Kick-Ass vacations and reunions. And that's the next phase I suppose.   When I told my son and future daughter-in-law that I've made my decision they looked so sad. I told them that they would be fine better than fine. That this was necessary for their next stage of life as well. I told them that that first night in their new place was going to be the most incredible feeling and even though they would have mixed emotions they're starting their life together and it's all beginning for them! Every beginning is another beginnings end.   And my oldest son said to me yesterday painful endings are the way to happy beginnings.  He's pretty smart that boy.... man.... and for me? It's just a day in the life. ..

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

If that's moving up than I'm.....moving out

Here we go again.  Another semi big move.  I didn't see it coming.  Just like the others.  Arizona?  One snowy Saturday afternoon in February--- we have to get out of here. 10 months later truck was loaded. Florida?  A day at the beach in July...the feeling hits me, I think I'm supposed to live here. 12 months later, truck was loaded.  This time?  Another day in landed on our hearts....this is not where we belong--a month later we decided-North Carolina it is!  Truck will be loaded  in June.  And that brings me to today.  Moving is like giving birth.  You develop blissful amnesia about what it actually takes to get from point a to point b.  Heads together over the kitchen table and laptops today, notes made, phone calls done, trucks booked.  I have the sense of fear and dread in my gut.  I know that God will work out the details and logistics but I look around at what I thought was my simplistic, bare minimal living and I realize....we STILL have a LOT of stuff.  I'm almost paralyzed with fear.  I'm tired.  I'm really really tired.  More worn out than tired.  But, ain't nobody got time for that.

I look around at the empty walls.  I'm brought back to the first day I walked into this home and all the hopes and dreams that surrounded that move.  I truly thought life was just beginning.  That this was not my forever home by any means but I truly felt that good things and blessings would fill this home.  At this moment, I look around and I'm filled with sadness.  Sadness about the broken dreams that came here to die.  The firsts and lasts that occurred within the confines of these walls.  I'm gripped with grief and pain and I'm in tears within a split second.  Normally I don't have attachment to homes. When I moved out of the first house we owned, the house that I brought 2 of my 3 babies home to, left the state I lived for the first nearly 40 years of my life I barely blinked.  Even the home in Arizona that we had built and I picked every color and fixture in and had brand new everything---I walked out of that house and never looked back.  It was just a building.  The most important memories of that home came with me....literally---my 3 children.  We were starting a new chapter.  The fab four was born. The next home was the first one that I managed alone.  Every decision in that house was mine and mine alone.  I loved it.  Every single moment of that, it was something that needed to happen for my personal growth.  My individual soul purpose.  And when we decided to move to Florida we were all very excited and filled with hope and dreams of a better future.  What happened?  This house is giving me more mixed emotions than I've ever experienced when leaving a dwelling.  This is the last home that I will have lived in with all of my children.  I can't even type that without the tears flowing.  Wow.  I hate this house for that reason.  The fab four ended in this house.  It had to happen, it's part of life, but it hurts way too much to ignore it.  I'm ready for the next chapter.  I am. But I'm still extremely emotional. Having adult children is certainly different and sometimes painful, but it is also a whole new dynamic and relationship that we get to develop.  I was not happy here in Florida, truth be told.  I never felt at home.  I didn't learn the roads and relied instead on the GPS 2 years later.  I did not make one friend.  Not one.  I had dreams of future things happening here and that's what kept me going.  When I realized time was running out before my baby girl was starting high school I was forced to make some serious decisions.  I was determined to be settled somewhere before she started.  So...after weighing my options I decided to move.  And as soon as I made that decision I felt like a weight was lifted off of me.  It was time.

So, here we are.  The living room is full of boxes.  The cabinets are mostly emptied.  The 1st of 2 moving trucks are booked.  The knot in my stomach that will stay there until we are finally moved in is in place.  Now what?  I pull up my big girl panties and I move forward like I always do.  But it's getting old to be honest.  I'm ready for the good stuff.  And don't get me wrong, I am very very blessed.  There were many amazing firsts in this home.  Ones that I will hold in my heart for the rest of my days.  There was a lot of laughter and love along the way. And that is what I'm trying to focus on.  And looking forward to the good things the move brings.  And keeping my heart in the present moment....because after's just a day in the life.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

When a girl changes from bobby socks to stockings....

Today is my baby girl's first formal dance.  I've been very relaxed during her growing up phases.  Much more so than that of my sons.  Mostly because I AM a girl so I enjoy reliving moments of my life with her and remembering how I felt and talking about it all with her.  I have been more or less in denial I think of the fact that she's my baby.  Throughout this whole process of the 8th grade I've been in a robotic state as she came home with information about the 8th grade trip and Gradventure and the formal and the Luau and all the other fun things they have planned.  I was excited for her and basically just followed her lead.  OK, what do you need for this?  OK, let's get this or do that.'s hitting me.  Oh shit, like a ton of bricks.  She's growing up!  She's not that little girl anymore.  She mentioned yesterday about how I used to do her hair for dance competitions and we'd spray it like 24 times before she went on stage.  How I'd do her mascara and she'd blink.  She reminded me of how I'd put Nair on her legs and use this newfangled hair removal thing when she was 5 because the hair poking through her tights made her self conscious.  Wow.  I hadn't remembered those days in a long time.  Now?  I basically just show up and pay for things.  She has her own style and taste and vision of what she wants it to look opinion and assistance is no longer needed.  I've still been so wrapped up in her brothers lives (because they do still need me) that I was more or less relieved that she was so easy.  But now?  That she reminded me of the days when I was needed so much....I'm really sad today.  There was a time that this formal would have meant I had to set aside a whole day to prepare her.  I would have had everything laid out the morning of ready to go and I'd set aside extra time in case of wardrobe malfunctions or hair that wouldn't curl or makeup debacles.  Today?  Her future sister in law is doing her make up and I'm taking her to get her hair done. She did her own nails last night.  I'm kind of an extra.  Then I realized in 2 weeks or so I'm going to be dropping her off at school and she's going to be taking a bus and an airplane and going to a Broadway play....without me.  What was I thinking agreeing to all of this?  Then she has a trip to Universal Studios with her class and she's going to be riding all those extreme roller coasters and I won't be there to see the exhilaration on her face.  This is just the beginning. 

See, when the boys had these firsts I always had other kids who needed me and distractions.  At the moment I have no distractions and no one else who needs my attention.  At first I was like woo hoo me time!  Today?  I'm just sad.  I ran into my creme filling son at the store yesterday and we were chatting in the aisles and then walked out to the cars together and went our separate ways.  It made me realize that in a few short months he won't be coming through the door every day anymore.  We won't be living in the same house again.  He's excited to start this next phase of his life, but (like me) he's also struggling with the ending of this one.

I just envisioned my life to be so different when this phase came.  I was actually looking forward to it not too long ago.  But, things change and the only choice we have is to go along or be dragged.  Because no matter what you want or envision life goes on, with or without you.  So enjoy the good times and try not to focus on the bad.  Because after all, it's just a day in the life.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?

I'm a tough bitch.  No... that's not right.  I'm a STRONG bitch....that's better.  I'm still a marshmallow somewhere inside when surrounded by the right people.  The walls that I worked so hard to break down are now back up, higher than ever.  Funny how that quickly they go back up.  I started my day yesterday having a shouting match with my daughter.  Yes, I'm as surprised as you are.  We're best friends.  We talk about everything, her friends tell her how lucky she is to have me.  And I don't need ANYONE to tell me how lucky I am to have her...she's the best.  My kids are the first ones to notice when the walls go up.  I'm different, even around them.  I'm distant and cold and removed.  Not myself at all.  Even when I'm smiling and laughing they see the difference.  They FEEL the difference.  You see....I have the ability to love so deeply that those that receive that love feel it to their core.  It oozes from my pores and it touches everything around me.  It's something I didn't even realize until someone brought it to my attention.  I assumed everyone was the same as I am.  No.  That's apparently not the case.  But the problem with loving like that is that you give the people you love the ability to destroy you.  Crush you like a bug.  And sometimes, if you're not careful, you don't recover, or if you do you are changed for life.  That is what happened to me....before I became stingy with who I give that love to .  Oh, don't get me wrong, I love and I'm generous and kind and supportive to anyone I take the time to have a conversation with.  But THAT love?  No.  That doesn't get passed out anymore.  In fact, the people who get THAT love...the love that gives them the ability to destroy me (and me to trust them not to) that goes to less than 5 people now.  I struggle with it still.  There are people that have gotten that love in the past that still know how to manipulate me and push my buttons and those old familiar feelings of guilt and pain and sadness threaten to overcome me.  But luckily, those people who still get that love pull me right back where I belong.They set me straight.

Yesterday morning...the reason for the shouting match?  I was treating my daughter as if she was like the ones that have destroyed me in the past.  That fear of her possibly becoming that causes me to sometimes keep her at arms length.  It causes me to keep my creme filling son there sometimes too but he won't allow it.  He smashes that wall down before it gets built.  He knows me that well, he sees it...thank God, even before I do.  We are all facing tremendous changes and have been for the last year.  But this year we know the changes are coming and even though we're excited about them, they are still tough issues to face. Another big move and all the change and uncertainty that comes with that. It's causing us to all have an underlying tension behind the smiles and the laughter.  Normally I would be convinced that nothing would break us.  But, this past year I've had a few people make me doubt everything....including my inner knowing and my belief that love conquers all.  That nothing could break something so strong and beautiful.  Nothing lasts forever.  This year has taught me not to share everything that goes on inside of me (yea, you read my blog can you imagine there's more than this lol) with anyone.  My journal has become my go to person.  It's where I let out all the things I don't trust myself to say, the things I don't want to admit to another soul anymore.  Where I relive those moments of pain and doubt and beat myself up for what I should have or could have done differently.  Where I the hell did I get here?  Why ?  Then I wipe my tears and I open up my other journal where I thank God for all my blessings, because there are many.  I pray and meditate and turn my thoughts to those.  The good things in life.  I have a home, I have 3 people living in this house that would do anything for me and love me no matter what, I have a sister that picks up my pieces more times than I can count, my dad---who gives me hope and strength, my bosses who have become my family-who check on me and get worried if I don't answer them (because apparently my first name is reliable πŸ˜‰) my cousin JeanMarie who always checks on me when she feels I'm off, Jilly who is there for me no matter what, Kimmy who always reaches out at the perfect time, like she feels my emotions....and through everything in my heart I have the one person who I love unconditionally for the first time in my life I truly know what unconditional love lucky am I? 

For those people who have chosen not to come along on this crazy ride of mine...who have distanced themselves or cut me out of their lives completely....and for those that I've cut out of mine....I send love and light and the hope that one day you'll hold a mirror up and see that maybe you're not perfect and that no matter what I've never pretended to be someone I'm not...can you say the same?  Love me or leave's just a day in the life.

Monday, March 5, 2018

All my sorrows....sad tomorrows...take me my old home

One of the best things about remaining friends with your ex is that you can ask them honest questions about what your flaws are and they'll answer them.  They have nothing to lose.  My ex husband and I aren't what I'd call friends, but we are very amicable and civil to each other.  We also are there for each other when needed.  For example when our moms passed away.  We offered a shoulder for each other and really helped each other out.  I asked him today what the best part about being married to me was and the worst part as well.  The best part was sweet to hear and nice that he recognized it.  The worst part was really eye opening for me and truly helped me realize something I didn't even know was being perceived that way.  Something for me to work on and I was truly grateful for the information.  Then he told me he was seeing someone and asked me to tell the kids.  Oy vey...some things never change.  But hey, I opened up the can of worms.  Very typical of our marriage and explains a lot about why we are divorced ;)

My oldest son came to me the other day with a chocolate bar in hand.  He gave me a huge hug and told me he loved me.  He said "ya know what Woman?  We are survivors.  No matter how many times we get knocked down we always get back up again and we always have each other's backs"  Interesting.  Especially coming from him.  I was glad to see he felt that way.  Time heals wounds and my relationship with him has gone through hell and back, but he knows that I will always be there for him and that means a lot to me.


Funny because I had a very long and deep conversation with my ex yesterday and decided to write about it and I came across this in my draft folder.  Hmmm. funny how life changes yet stays the same.  As I write this my oldest son and I don't have a relationship.  He's living with his dad and isn't speaking to his siblings or myself.  So much for always having each other's backs.  His siblings and I will always have his back.  If he were to pick up the phone today to call or text us we would answer it. The reverse is not true.  He would ignore all of us. That being said my younger two kids don't have a relationship with their father at the moment.  Well, my daughter hasn't had one in 6 years, but it's new for my creme filling son.  He asked me to reach out to his father for some information he needed yesterday and I did.  It lead to another soul searching, eye opening conversation between my ex husband and me.  I see things so clearly with him now and being detached from any feelings towards him or any need to spend any time with him.  I don't bite at his comments that I know are leading me to have a negative conversation. He trusts me and I'm one of the only people in his life he can vent to.  Sorry...I don't want to be that person anymore and I've learned how to avoid those conversations. I can also say anything to him and I don't have to worry about him taking it wrong or getting offended.  He also knows my history and I know his. There is a comfort in that.  It was nice to be appreciated for my input and being able to be honest in a way that I was afraid to be when we were married.

After what I thought was the end of our conversation he sent me a you tube video and told me he couldn't get this song out of his head. 
It broke my heart.  No one should live with regret.  It also reminded me to live in the moment, look forward to the future and forget the past. You never know what the the future holds, I'm sure no one says their wedding vows and thinks that they're going to get divorced some day.  I didn't raise my children thinking that at some future moment in time they wouldn't be speaking to one another or to me or to their father.  I said to my ex that it makes me sick how broken we are, that our kids aren't speaking to each other and he said words of wisdom...."just because we're broken now doesn't mean it won't be fixed."  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Life isn't that certain to me anymore.  Things I thought for sure would happen haven't and things I never thought would happen did.  The future is uncertain, that's why I make it a point to never say never.  I also make it a point to find the good in every single situation and every day I'm lucky enough to open my eyes.  Make memories you will want to look back on and forget the ones you don't....because after's just a day in the life xo

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The dinner theory....sorry no catchy song lyrics for this one :)

Happy March!  Not sure how March came up so quickly this year but yet here we are!  I'm a planner.  I'm a doer.  I'm not a waiter....or a winger....I like to know what's ahead of me.  I have said my whole life I can deal with ANYTHING as long as I know what I'm dealing with!  Even when my son was diagnosed with cancer and the Dr. came in to tell us about his treatment plan....he asked my son and me when we wanted to get started...we looked at each other and said "Today?"  I loved that calendar...I loved the plan all laid out in front of us, knowing when and what was going to happen as he tackled this disease.  During that time the hardest thing was when his counts didn't line up and they had to push the treatment off a week.  You see....we planned a trip to New York for Halloween because that was going to be his prize....his thing to look forward to during this horrific time.  Eye on the prize we would say.  Working towards something motivated him.  It's always motivated me.  Knowing why I'm doing something is necessary for me to do it with my whole heart.  Having a goal and an end game is just vital. 

Last year a lot of time that I could have spent enjoying things or relaxing were spent frozen because I was waiting for something that didn't even happen.  Had I known that it wasn't happening last year I would have been okay with it, I would have gone about my life not putting things off "in case" or "until" the event was occurring.  I'd rather suffer the pain of disappointment then the agony of waiting for something that isn't going to transpire.  In my morning chat with my Maple Leaf bestie I was saying how I can't handle uncertainty.  How I can deal with anything but that.  And she said she totally got it...she said it's the dinner theory.  Ummmm huh?  HUGE question mark on my face.  'Splain please.  "The dinner theory...hang with me!  Like if I'm told when I get home that there will be spaghetti and meatballs and I walk in and there is Chinese food I'm annoyed/upset/disappointed because I was ready for Spaghetti and meatballs.  I was looking forward to spaghetti and meatballs.  I was prepared for spaghetti and meatballs."  YES!  I get it!  The dinner theory!  Works!  It's not a matter of being rigid or inflexible to life's twists and turns it's just a matter of preparation.  I like impromptu things.  For instance...speaking of the dinner theory.  I plan my menus a week in advance.  I shop based on those menus (don't judge me...I told you I like to be prepared).  Now....if Tuesday comes and I don't feel like making what was planned for Tuesday or if someone says "hey lets go out or can we have xyz instead?"  I'm all for that.  I don't mind deviating from the plan....I just like to have it there in case.  Am I making any sense here?  The plan gives me comfort.  It lets me know that I have it under control in case.   I know ultimately that God is the one in control....that even if I 'think' I know what is going to transpire and I plan for it that He can change it in the blink of an eye and that's okay by me.  Because I know His plan is way better than anything I could have imagined.  I just normally have this strong intuition that I can feel Him guide me on my path....lately He's showing me that I don't need to see the path I need to trust Him.  And I am....and I need to learn to enjoy the present moment because they don't last forever.

Yesterday I was working and my kids were helping and I told them to just go and enjoy themselves in the pool.  My son kept asking me if I was going to join them.  I said yes, in a minute...I just want to finish.  I heard them laughing outside and he sent me a picture of them in the hot tub.  I realized that so much is changing this year....including us not living in the same space by the end of the year.  I stopped what I was doing and put my bathing suit on and joined them.  We then went home and I picked up dinner on the way so that I didn't have to waste time in the kitchen (ooops the dinner theory got blown burritos----fried chicken instead) and we spent the rest of the night laughing and watching This is Us (I KNOW!  BEST SHOW EVER!) and just relishing in the now.  Nothing lasts's just a day in the life......

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

You can go your own can call it another lonely day

Sometimes doing things your own way can create a lonely existence.  But isn't it better to be lonely than force yourself to live a lie?  In talking to my bestie from the country above me, we have once again realized many things in a short conversation on her drive to work.  Life is too short to fit into other peoples molds of what it's supposed to look like.  We realized last night that some people....okay MOST people do not look at life the way we do.  We never have fluffy conversations.  We don't discuss weather or food or plans for the day or clothing.  We discuss life.  We discuss purpose.  We discuss the past and how it relates to the future and the lessons we are learning and how to become the best people we can be.  The people we are destined to become.  It blew our minds last night when we realized not everyone does this.  What do they talk about, we pondered.  How can they look at things and not try to figure out WHY the patterns repeat and WHAT they are supposed to be changing or learning from each obstacle or issue that life throws at them.  What do they DO just ignore it?  Wow. Sad.  How can life ever get better if you don't figure out what's not working and why?  This brings me to this mornings chat.

I've been having difficulty sleeping for the first time in my life.  It is mind blowing to me that people deal with this for years and years and years.  The constant thoughts running through my head, fear gripping me, recurring dreams and messages and lying there just wanting sleep and it not coming.  Wow.  My heart breaks for those who deal with that.  Am I going to just say, damn now I'm one of them?  Hell no!  I'm not going down without a fight.  I figured out the reason for this and I will find a way to fix it.  So, I'm talking to my Canadian soul sister and we're running through 700 different topics in the 30 minutes we have to chat and what the main outcome today was....the hell with the experts and the leaders and what "they" say to do.  We need to find our OWN way and what works in OUR lives....all of us!  There is no cookie cutter recipe for success or happiness.  What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.  And for someone to THINK that their way is the only way just proves that they are small minded and pathetic.  Sorry.  Judgmental?  Maybe.  But that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it just like everyone else is.  And these so called "experts"?  Their view is most likely deeply rooted in their opinion...remember that!  Sure there are scientific facts that are valid and should be considered, but that's not LIFE! The only scientific fact that rules life is that we are all going to die...the rest is up for interpretation.  The only person who is an expert in YOUR life is.....drum roll please......YOU.  That's right dear are the only one qualified to make the determination for what is going to work in your life.  And here's the key.....the magic need to TRUST yourself. Yes...yes that's YOU.  Not Abraham Hicks or Tony Robbins or Eckhart Tolle or Oprah and not even Deepak Chopra.  YOU!  Yes all of these "experts" have a lot of great information and tips to help.  Yes I've incorporated a lot of it into my life (except Oprah...not a fan πŸ˜‰) but guess what? I had to learn to TRUST myself when something didn't resonate or feel right to me.  Yes...I'm slow and sometimes I spent months doing something that didn't resonate because ummmm duh, they're "experts" right?  WRONG!  My maple leaf bestie and I were discussing how those months/weeks/days of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole were lessons yes but a huge waste of precious time that we could have spent trusting our guts/intuition/higher self.

I woke up this morning (woke up HA that's a hot one...if you call what I did last night sleeping!) in a huge panic.  I was shaking inside and felt so drained and just a huge mess if I'm being honest (WHICH I always am for the record) and I reached for my coffee and my newest best 3 journals.  I wrote until my hand was going to explode and poof.  Anxiety gone.  Ready to face the day with my big girl panties (OK, granny panties) in place.  This new ritual I started at the beginning of the year of journaling and pulling angel cards for myself to start the day is life changing.  The cards aren't always clear these days but the journaling is a life saver.  1 is my journal of thoughts, quotes etc.  1 is a prayer letters from me to the Big Guy upstairs---this one is the BEST thing I've ever done for myself. I pour out every want, fear, doubt, blessing...I express my gratitude and I make deals with Him.  That's right...I make deals, don't judge πŸ’—.  If you send me this I'll do this.....YES some "experts" might say it doesn't work like that but guess what?  Those experts don't have my relationship with God, I do!  Maybe it doesn't work for everyone but it works for me.  And friends is what it is all about...finding what works for you....not anyone!  And if you find that the people in your life don't agree with what you're doing?  Then stop asking them for permission to live your's nobodies business.  And from this "expert's" opinion?  If that's the case? You need some new people....just sayin'.  No one has all the answers....but you're the best one to ask....because after all?  It's just a day in the life...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

And somewhere, sometime from now together again somehow All of the waiting will seem like a moment and then

Life can change in a moment.  Miracles happen every day.  These are the thoughts that have been consuming my head in the last few weeks.  That adorable puppy you see pictured above snuggled on my favorite blanket came into our lives in an instant.  I had been thinking hmmm maybe we should get a puppy.  I was wondering how my other dog would take it, I thought wth was I thinking?  Why make more work for myself and I was going back and forth. Not all the time but every few weeks the thought would pop in.  We were at the dentist and poof she was running down the street.  We picked her up with the intention of returning her to her owners.  Um,yea they never surfaced.  We put up signs, I posted on social media, we registered with the animal shelters.  Low and behold, 4 years later we can't imagine life without her. She immediately became part of the family as easy as breathing. The other morning she must have slipped past me out the back and I shut the patio door and didn't realize she was there.  A little while later I realized I didn't see her in the house and I panicked.  I looked all over, went out by the pool and started to get frantic.  I opened the front door and called her.  Nothing.. I repeated my steps and I was in disbelief that she could have disappeared.  I went out front again and she came running.  My head thought omg someone could take her and poof she'd be gone.  I would not know what to do.  Yes she's chipped and yes she has a tag but that doesn't help if someone wanted her!  It just proved to me that everything can change in an instant.
Yesterday I had this exchange with my beautiful daughter.   I looked at the time that I sent my message....11:55....angel numbers.  11 your thoughts are manifesting quickly into reality keep them positive and 55 rapid changes are coming.  Those numbers have been beating down my door as of late.  So I know the everything can change in an instant... thoughts aren't a coincidence.  I think big changes are coming for my family once again.

Yesterday my son texted me that he had to call 911 for a coworker having an asthma attack.  It was serious stuff.  I joked later with him because I called 911 too because I saw the start of a fire on the side of the road.  We had banter at the dinner table over who was the bigger hero.  I felt that I, of course, won because I pretty much saved the entire state of Florida from, quite possibly the worst forest fire ever πŸ‘§πŸ˜while he just helped a person get oxygen.  He disputed that he was practically a superhero because he followed the instructions and saved a life and my dinky little fire was probably controlled. πŸ˜‘The conversation did become serious as we discussed that life can change in an instant.  The instant he was diagnosed with cancer....the minute he (at 5 years old) announced that he was okay with the family moving to AZ and the decision was made....the moment he decided that he lost his passion for baseball and changed his future plans (because it truly happened in an instant!)...getting a message out of the blue from someone who changes your life all happens in a moment.

This morning I got a message from my boss. Their sister in law has been suffering with a brain tumor for quite some time.  She asked me yesterday if I would be available at a moment's notice this week because it didn't look good.  This morning they realized that if they wanted to see her again before she passed they had to go today so she asked if I could handle things while they traveled to see her.  I started to cry for this woman I had never met.  I cried for her husband and her family.  Even though they have been preparing for the worst I am sure the finality of it was hitting like a ton of bricks.  In an's over.  

This week marks the anniversary of my mom's passing.  Today would have been their 64th wedding anniversary.  During that time I remember vividly sleeping on their couch and being woken up out of a sound sleep with the sick feeling in my stomach that my mom was going to die.  I thought Oh My God how does she feel knowing that these are her last days?  What does that feel like?  I am crying now as I cried then.  How scary!  But is it?  When you've been suffering for so long are you scared or are you peaceful?  All I know is that one moment she was breathing and the next she wasn't.  In an instant life changed.  It ended for her and it changed for the rest of us. 

So remember....every moment is precious....because in the next? It can all change, for better or worse.  Be grateful for every breath you take and don't ever take that for granted.  And if this moment isn't actually one of the best don't worry....miracles happen every day and it can all change in a moments a day in the life...... 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Like a bolt out of the blue, suddenly it comes to you...When you wish upon a star

Magical...stick with me...there's a point to my rambling.  Promise! 

I work for a property management company in Orlando.  I went in to check a house after vacationers had checked out.  There were 2 balloons floating at the top of the vaulted ceiling.  I contacted my colleagues and told them they would need to bring a ladder over because there was no other way to retrieve them.  I mentioned that I had always wanted one of those balloons since I was a little girl.  When we went to Disney for the first time last year after becoming resident pass holders I mentioned to my daughter that I had always wanted one of those balloons.  She looked at me with a big question mark on her face and said "Ummmm, why don't you just get one mama?"  I laughed and said that ship has sailed, I don't need it now I'm a grown ass woman.  It would be silly to buy one now.  I told her that when she and her brothers were little and we would go to Disney I secretly hoped one of them would ask for one because then I could have it too, but they were never interested.  It's pretty typical of my personality, it seemed so frivolous to waste money on a silly balloon no matter how much I was always drawn to it.  Here I was 46 years after the first time I had seen one still wanting it! 

Today I went to my bosses house to get it ready for the next guests and low and behold there was the balloon, waiting for me. They had sent me a picture of it the other day and I assumed it was to show me that they were able to get it down from the ceiling but no....they left it for me.  I finally have my wish fulfilled.  And then it hit matter how long it takes for a wish to come true you have to have faith that it will.

I came home holding my treasure, smiling probably larger than I would have even as a 7 year old little girl.  My kids laughed and said HA! You got one.  Did you go to Disney without us????  I said No!  It's from one of the houses!  And my son said "See, your prayer was finally answered and you got your wish!"  I looked at him with wide eyes and I said "That's EXACTLY it! " 

And so....I'm passing this on to you.  I'm sure it seems silly and like I'm reaching but I am telling you when I saw that balloon I felt a peace in my soul that life is unfolding exactly as it's supposed to.  And as I typed that "Somewhere over the Rainbow" came on my speaker, as a confirmation from my mom. No matter what it is your heart desires if you keep on believing it will come to you.....don't give up!  Your happily ever after and dreams come true are there just need to believe and be patient and accept that it's not always exactly the way you imagined it, but it's perfect nonetheless.  And today was so much more than just a day in the life......

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sunshine on my shoulders....makes me happy....

 I woke up this morning and I was transported back to 1970.  When I would wake up on Valentines day to presents from my daddy.  I was on the phone with my sister and I just started sobbing.  This boy of mine....he's a man now....just never ceases to amaze me.  He is so strong and wise beyond his years.  He has a heart that knows no bounds.  His love for us and his fiance is priceless.  I often wonder that he puts way too much pressure on himself but he is happiest when he is making others happy. I just described myself.
 The letter he wrote me is one that every mother should strive to receive.  I am always telling him he gives me way too much credit for my place in his life.  He insists he doesn't love everyone and he doesn't give out freebies!  He has shown that recently...he holds people accountable for their actions. But, I'll take it....even for today because my heart could use a band-aid and this healed it.   It's proof that everything can change overnight.  Today is the beginning of Happy Valentines days from now on.  No more mourning what is lost. He begged me to not stop being not stop loving the way I love and to never stop having his back, because he needs me. He says we have to celebrate the team we are and how strong our family is to have survived the things we've survived.  We HAVE been through hell and back and we are bonded together tighter for it.  He left a bag for his sister and her letter was started as "To the sister I prayed for"  ....when he was a little 4 year old he would kneel by his bed every night and press his tiny little fingers together and say "Dear God, please let me have a sister".  Whenever my daughter is torturing him she says, "Dear God, LET me have a sister!  And HERE I am!!!!"  It makes me realize that even though we're missing a link we are still a strong chain.  We added a link, my future daughter in law, and she is right there with us during it all.  We will continue to add to our chain or team as my son called it and we will continue to weather life's ups and downs....together.  And my sister reminded me this morning of something I have preached many times....God has it.  I need to stop focusing on what I don't have and focus on the things I do.  Wow....she's probably the only person who can say that to me without me getting my panties in a bunch 😎  But she shook me out of my sadness.  Enough!

Yes, today was a horrible, tragic day 3 years ago.  Probably one of the worst of my life.  Yes, my life isn't what I hoped it would be at this moment in time but so what?  It's pretty damn good.  And through it all God will hold us in the palm of his hand and never let us fall...because after's just a day in the life.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We're after the same rainbows end....waitin' round the bend.....

Valentines Day for many is a day to celebrate love.  To show the world how much your significant other and the other people in your life mean to you.  For me?  It's become a day of loss.  A day of pain and a day of suffering.  No.  Not because I don't have a Valentine.  Because of the things that have occurred on this day in 2015 and the years following.  It seems impossible to remember the happy days when I was a young girl when I'd wake up to candy and an adorable stuffed animal from my daddy.  When I'd come home from school with armloads of valentines from classmates.  From my high school years when my boyfriends would spoil me with gifts and signs of affection.  From the years that I would work so hard to make Valentines day special for my kids and their classmates.  Was that even this lifetime?  I can't remember.  For me it's a day of pain and sorrow.  It's a day of shutting down and tears and primal sobs. My son is determined that this year he will begin to celebrate Valentines day again...he and his fiance are off of work and school and they're going to Disney and have a magical day.  Good for HIM!  It's time he begins to break this darkness. My daughter on the other hand came to me the other day and said Mommy I can't go to school on Wednesday, please don't make me.  I immediately thought of the boy she likes and thought she was trying to avoid the disappointment that not getting that message would bring.  I was preparing my great mom speech about self love when she burst into tears about her brother and her YaYa.  Shit. Wow.  Now what?  Selfishly I was thinking I was the only one who felt it every year.  I was hoping to have that time while she was in school to suffer alone and wallow in my own pain and heartbreak.  Well, misery loves company I suppose.  She assured me the dance was Tuesday and she would, of course, go to that.  Okay then.  Sobfest 2018 table for two please?  I realized I'd have to put the mask on and be there for her.  I can't fall apart because she's falling apart. 

I dropped her at school this morning and she was wearing this beautiful maroon dress that she didn't get to wear to her cousin's engagement party and Wow.  She looked baby girl.  All grown up...I missed it.  I feel like I've missed so much, I have forgotten what it was like when she was little.  It seems she grew up overnight.  There is a hint of sadness around her that shouldn't be there!  She should be happy and moody and all teenage like.  She has had so many people let her down already in her 14 years it crushes me!  I fear what her future relationships will look like because the men in her life have given her nothing to trust.  Except one of her brothers.  He is her rock.  He is her standard that I pray she holds all other men to.  They are so close...they speak a language only they understand.  His fiance and I look at each other with giant question marks when they are speaking and laughing so hard they can't breathe.  He is the only light in her bleak vision of the male gender.  I pray she holds onto that. I pray she realizes that sometimes peoples actions and words do align. I pray she knows that it's possible for her to trust that no matter what she'll find someone like that who will not let her down.

So, I woke up this morning and allowed myself the emotions that February has come to represent.  I listened to "Moon River" by Andy Williams and let the sadness that has overcome my life recently to roll down my cheeks.  The ache in my heart to just come out of my throat and just feel it.  I have to.  I have suppressed it for far too long.  I cried out to my mom to please please help me...She has worked so many miracles in my life since she has passed but I don't think she's able to fix what's broken this time. It's time for me to realize that nothing will ever be what it once was just a short time ago. Sometimes loving people isn't enough.  Sometimes you have to let them go. You can reach out and show your love and support but if that love and support isn't wanted or needed there isn't much you can do.  Sometimes the way you love isn't the love that a person needs. I must admit that with everything I have experienced in my life nothing hurts more than being shut out of someone's life without warning or discussion or closure of any kind. I can deal with pretty much anything except that.  When I said goodbye to my mother 3 years ago tomorrow I at least knew it was most likely the last time I would see her. But once I know I've done everything I can I need to let it go.  My knees are bruised from constant prayer and that I will never stop.  My faith in God and His plan for my life is strong.  I don't see it or understand it but I trust it.  I know that He is with us during this time and He will continue to be, because after's just a day in the life.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sleepless hours and dreamless nights and far aways...wishing you were here

It's February.  Already.  I have never been a huge fan of January or February but these past 3 years they have been even worse.  I can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since I said goodbye to my mom.  I do my best not to dwell on the sadness and negativity surrounding that time and I think about how my family came together and we celebrated her life and supported each other through it.  But after watching This is Us on Sunday night and having a conversation with my creme filling son yesterday the emotion was really raw.

My younger kids miss my mom tremendously.  I feel badly because I know they don't talk about it as much as they normally would because I am so emotional about it.  I miss her so much.  Just last week I actually thought I need to call mommy.  And then these waves of sadness took over my body and I couldn't stop the tears.  She's gone dummy you can't call her!  I need her right now. I need someone who looks at me like I hung the moon....someone I don't need to be strong for, someone who just loves me and doesn't need anything from me and who I can't disappoint...someone who would defend me tooth and nail with no thought.  I need my mommy.

When she first passed away I was totally fine.  I thought, hmmm why do people act like it's the end of the world.  It's not like I saw her every's not that bad.  As time passed the pain got worse.  I think I remembered every negative thing about my mom at the beginning as a protection for myself.  There was so much other stuff going on in my life I didn't have time for more sorrow.  But as time healed those wounds the wound of my mom's death seemed to open up.  Each milestone with my kids was like salt in that open wound.  Wanting to share it with her and I can't.  My son is getting married and so is my niece.  My Godson is expecting his first child....these are all HUGE things that my mom would be over the moon excited about!  When I think of my son's wedding and her not being there it makes me physically hurt.  She adored him....she had a very very special relationship with him....and he with her.  The thought of a picture on a table replacing her physical being is painful to me.  My son and daughter talk about her all the time...ALL the time.  She is a constant fixture in my home.  If she only knew how many YaYaism's there were. How many times they say "YaYa would HATE that!"  or "YaYa would be rolling on the floor over that"... I know she knows....I feel her with us.  I am fortunate enough to be able to hear her and talk to her, but it's not enough.  I want her HERE.  I want to smell her.  I want to hold her hand and laugh with her.  I want to tell her how much I understand about what she must have felt while we were becoming adults.

This also leads me to think about my oldest first born....if you would have ever told me we would be estranged I would have thought you were crazy.  But here we are.  I am relieved that my mother isn't physically here to see that.  It would break her heart.  My creme filling son and I were discussing it yesterday and it hurts me more I think that my kids aren't talking to each other more than it hurts that my son turned his back on me.  Being a parent of adult children is harder than any sleepless night, stomach virus, ear infection, flu, playground altercation or anything else you go through when they're little.  Last week my daughter had an issue at school and I went in and handled it.  I was her hero---mommy fixed it.  Damn, I miss those days when I could FIX things.  I can't fix this, any of this.  I can't bring their beloved YaYa back....I can't make my children speak to each other...I can't heal the disappointments or disagreements.  When they were little I'd make them stay in the gameroom for 24 hours together until they worked it out.  They hated me for it but it worked!  I can't do that anymore.  I'm helpless....not a good look for a mama bear like me.  But....what I can do is get on my knees and pray every night for God to fix it.  I can beg my mom to watch over them and nudge them in the right direction.  That's all I can do and I hope it's enough.....because after's just a day in the life.
and as if by magic my phone went off......and this is what I found.  Can't make this stuff up.